Love God. Love people. Reach the community.


Senior Pastors
Andy and Shaaron Forbes

Tom and Ann Powell

Sitting with Elders
Stanley Samuel
Gilbert Amartey
Chris Clare
Stuart Tocknell
Sam Forbes
David Forbes

Led by David and Hannah Forbes

Led by Fiona Clare

Led by Lisa Tocknell

Led by Sian Forbes

Charity Directors
Andy Forbes – Chair
Alan Cusdin – Treasurer
Stanley Samuel
Chris Clare – Secretary

Cell Group Leaders
We have a range of cell group leaders, both married couples and single men and women for both adult and youth cell groups.
Contact Andy & Shaaron for more details.

Ministry Teams
Prophetic, Evangelism, Pastoral, Teaching, Alpha and other teams are led by different leaders.
Please contact Andy & Shaaron for further information.

Worship Team
Worship is led by Chris Clare

PA Team
Led by Sam Forbes