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Tuesday Night Netball

We’ve been running the fun netball session for just over a year now. Netball runs weekly on a Tuesday at Radcliffe School, Morgan Sports Hall (£2.50) for ladies of all abilities aged 16 and over.
We’ve had people join us because they loved playing when they were back at school, some wanted to improve their fitness and some individuals just wanted to get out and meet new people.

We love seeing new faces so please don’t hesitate to come along. For more information contact me (Hannah Forbes) on 07825250064.
Let’s get fit and have fun playing Netball together!

Netball League

As well as the fun session some of the girls decided they wanted to play Netball with more of a competitive edge so we entered a local Netball League which also happens on a Tuesday – straight after the fun session!
We’ve been working our way up the league table but most importantly we’ve made new friends who love playing netball together.

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